Meme snagged from [ profile] nights_fang
Make a list of 12 fictional characters, then answer the questions below according to the number beside that name.

1. Fai D. Fluorite
2. Riza Hawkeye
3. Ishida Ryuuken
4. Komui Lee
5. Kira Izuru
6. Miyashita Takashi
7. Roy Mustang
8. Tanda
9. Ukitake Jyuushiro
10. Minami Nanba
11. Fuu
12. Fujioka Haruhi

Meme )

OT, my mom made wheat bread today - it's delicious and soft and melts in your mouth. AAAAND! I finished my last midterm today!!!! :D!!!

...But baseball is sucking right now. :(. Oh, Yankees. :(.

Skimmed through it yesterday while waiting for a class to start, and just barely got a chance to go back to it this morning, and I think I really like it.

Bleach 379 )

Oh, and quick question: So, nano 09 is about to start again. Again, I'm going to be posting what I write up as I go along (hopefully this time I'll actually get to 60K instead of 3K...). But:

Would you rather I:

Post it here under a cut
Post it here under a filter
Create a new handy-dandy f-locked journal and post it there.

I don't want to spam everyone, so your input would be appreciated :D.

Short, drabbley fic challenge, one per week - low pressure and lots of h/c. Go join at [ profile] sgahcchallenges. :).
So. My laptop crashed yesterday. :(. Looks like I've lost just about everything that I didn't have backed up on there. Fortunately I have the important things saved, so it's mostly manga and related things and several of the newer fics I was working on, so that's a relief. Started reformatting this morning, and it seems to be going well so far.

Oh well. At least it happened now during the summer and not when I was writing a term paper or something. :).



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