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Jan. 13th, 2010 10:53 pm
Just dropping in to say I have a fic/set of drabbles up for auction over at [ profile] help_haiti over here, if anyone's interested.

I'm still working on fics I owe a couple of you :).
Oh, gosh. Anyone who likes Star Trek XI fic, go read this fic right now. It's McCoy gen, and it'll break your heart, but it's amazing. Seriously.

Skimmed through it yesterday while waiting for a class to start, and just barely got a chance to go back to it this morning, and I think I really like it.

Bleach 379 )

Oh, and quick question: So, nano 09 is about to start again. Again, I'm going to be posting what I write up as I go along (hopefully this time I'll actually get to 60K instead of 3K...). But:

Would you rather I:

Post it here under a cut
Post it here under a filter
Create a new handy-dandy f-locked journal and post it there.

I don't want to spam everyone, so your input would be appreciated :D.
So I took advantage of my sick days this week to do homework catch up on Bleach (anime) [also: Fade to Black is awesome. Seriously awesome.] and found myself wondering how the souls age. Has KT ever mentioned that in or out of cannon?

Because looking at the Pendulum arc, Hiyori looks much the same age as she does now (at least to me). However, Hitsugaya, who wasn't around back then, is shown in flashback, right before joining the Academy, to look younger than he does as a captain - bigger eyes, slighter frame, etc. So I thought that maybe Hiyori's hollowification slowed her aging, since - I think it was Lilynette that said arrancar don't age.

This got really long and kinda rambly. Cut for the sake of f-lists. )

So, tl;dr version because I have class in like six hours and forgot my nicely-worded conclusion? Shinigami age reaaaally slowly unless they're stressed out/have a lot to deal with, in which case they sprout like weeds.

And, of course, come Tuesday's spoilers (or the next manga flasback), I'll probably be jossed and find out KT's actually using a complicated equation for aging that includes hair color, gender, and fashion sense on a scale of 1-10, but - phht.

Also, I don't read as much meta as I'd like to, so I'm sure someone's written some version or other of this post already, somewhere. Please be assured that any similarities are accidental.

Edit: Oh, yes, I totally left out Isshin and Ichigo. Mostly because the gigai?/human/shinigami thing confuses me, so I'm guessing that, once in the real world in gigai or whatever Isshin is, you age in real time. Or something.

Edit 2: Please pardon all the grammar mistakes. Sorry. It's 2:30 in the morning over here, but I'll try to fix some of them later.

Edit 3: I wrote this on the fly and only checked two or three of my facts, so pardon any mistakes.
Catching up on FMA:B, and OMG EP. 19 WAS AWESOME. I just love manga!Roy and Riza so much. :D. Though I'm sad that we didn't get to see the phone call after Riza runs into Barry. But ep. 19 more than made up for that.

Also, Ling. Is awesome. I am loving the Xing characters, though I honestly didn't notice that the Envy/Gluttony/Lan (Ran?) Fan/Fuu fight was cut out. I should probably reread the manga.

The only thing I did not like was just how fast the first 13-15 episodes went; even Hughes' death felt a bit rushed (I liked that they added the dying words part, *sob*, but I think that might be the one thing that I liked better about the first anime. Well, that and Youswell). Also, there are a few spots where the score sounds a bit jarring, like when in the middle of a scene they cut to a gag, but the somber/mysterious music keeps playing. It's a cool ost, though, and otherwise, I'm really happy with Brotherhood so far.

Also, OT - DtB season two. :D! I'm excited.

Oh, and I'll probably be making most of my posts public from now on, unless they have too-personal stuff. :).

Short, drabbley fic challenge, one per week - low pressure and lots of h/c. Go join at [ profile] sgahcchallenges. :).



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