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So I rewatched Thor last night, and I still love it, but I kind of have one issue with it:

So Loki gets 'adopted' by Odin to be a living chess piece and raised in an environment where he hears, every single day, how the frost giants are savages and they aren't like us and so they don't matter and Hey, isn't it great we practically annihilated them them? and We beat them so easy they were like worms beneath our feet and the only good giant is a dead giant and probably It's too bad Odin didn't let us finish them off, they killed my beloved _____ and I wish I could make them suffer and kill them all they don't deserve to live, and that's how Loki grows up, nurtured in the hate of a country recovering from a devastating war.

Loki grows up a sort of Snape to Thor's James; his strengths are in trickery and obfuscation, where Thor's are of the more straightforward, raw strength variety, in a society where Warriors Have Honor and Might Makes Right, and Loki's strengths are mistrusted, so Thor, of course, is favored to take over for Odin.

Loki engineers an attack during Thor's big day to start some mischief, and some frost giants get killed but they aren't like us so they don't matter anyway.

Thor gets pissed and attacks the Frost Giants, opening the door to war, which is wrong because lots of Asgardians could die. He gets scolded and punished and banished, but with a way back. Bad form, Thor, Odin says. Learn to be better and you can come back.

Then Loki learns he's a frost giant.

Loki, who spent his life hearing all about how they're filth and they're savages and they're not Asgard and thank God we're not like them, learns he's one of them.

Loki comes up with a way to annihilate them, because - because he's not like them, maybe he's a frost giant but he's not like those other frost giants, and maybe if he kills them he can show everyone that he's better than them, that he's really an Asgardian. And this is wrong, because he tricks them and kills them with trickery as opposed to slaughtering them face to face in open combat.

And in the end, he's hanging off the bridge, hanging below the brother who fucked up and got a chance to redeem himself, and he's looking Odin in the eyes and trying to explain himself. And Odin's looking back and he knows - he has to know - that Loki's going to let go if Odin doesn't accept him, if Odin doesn't forgive him, if Odin doesn't give him a second chance and say Bad form, Loki; learn to be better and we can talk, and Odin looks at him - at the baby he stole from the battlefield that he planned to use as a pawn in a plan to give the giants a leader raised Asgard who will hate himself so much that he'll make them stop being so savage and uncivilized and will make them more like us and so make a peace between the two nations - and Odin says:

"No, Loki."

And it all ends in celebration, because, in the end, all it came down to was that Loki wasn't like us, so it doesn't matter.

And I still love this movie, but I really fucking hate Odin.

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Date: 2011-12-16 02:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] greenpixiehair.livejournal.com

I do not know a single person who hasn't seen that film and came out and said "well damn, Thor is a bit of a douche, Odin is the Worst Parent Of All Time(TM) and Loki got extremely screwed over by everyone."

Or put more succinctly, by one of my friends: "And that's when I realised that Loki was supposed to be a bad guy. The fuck up with that."

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Date: 2011-12-17 07:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] schweinsty.livejournal.com
Ugh, yeah. I just felt so bad for Loki, and the friends with whom I watched it were all 'Oh, he was such a whiny little wuss' and I was like 'le no, he was mistreated and lied to and just raised as a sham and like, kidnapped and stolen and asf;lkjsafd;lkjdsaf;ljksdaf.' Grr.

In retrospect, I should probably save replying to comments when it is not 2 in the morning and I am not running on 2 hours of sleep? OH WELL. Sorry I'm not very erudite rn.

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Date: 2011-12-16 07:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] geeksicle.livejournal.com
Oh, God, this. So very this. That line Loki has where he asks Odin if he's just another artifact, and Odin's all "um, no" but the guy isn't fooling ANYONE, jesus. Odin, you dick, you took a child away from his home, from his people, and you raised him in a society where his gifts and his nature would be mistrusted, where he'd always be second best to your golden boy of a biological son, and now you're going to act surprised? You raised him to be a villain, you douche. Frankly I'm amazed he didn't turn out WORSE. And I don't know if you've watched the special features and that scene with Thor and Loki before the coronation but it breaks my damn heart because it just maeks it clear how much Loki does love Thor, does want his brother to think well of him, and he tries so damn hard. Ugh.

Um, I stalked you on tumblr, by the way, so if you're all "who is this vinomancy tool" it is me :D

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Date: 2011-12-17 07:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] schweinsty.livejournal.com
Oh, hi, added you back!! :D!

And omg, yes, so much. Like, I read this blog post (I think on tumblr somewhere) about how she identified with Loki as a transracial adoptee and it's like - ugh, it just made me so much more pissed off at Odin. Like, of course Loki was wrong, but Odin was just treating him like a toaster oven - he was just a tool to use but then he expected - like, he expected everything would turn out well because Loki would recognize the altruism of his motives when really his altruism was just serious selfishness and imperialism and like-

ugh, and like you said, Loki's skillset was always going to be underrated and looked down on and like, the least Odin could have done was - IDK, acknowledged Loki's skills, but he just let Loki be the brunt of all this snide bs on top of everything else, and. Yeah. I have ~feelings~ about this, lol.

And actually, I still have to get the DVD, but I will watch out for that scene :(.



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