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Part 1 of the Oezil!Spam I promised [livejournal.com profile] greenpixiehair, AKA the part in which he doesn't hug people. Yeah, there's a whole post coming of hugs and snuggles in a bit. Brace yourselves. This one is mostly him being adorable by himself.

Cut for a crapload of pics and gifs.

It's difficult to tell, but boy's got a fun side and likes to play.

Occasionally he likes to pretend he's Dumbo with his buddy, Marko.

Here they are again.

As Marko didn't come with him to RM, sometimes Mesut talks to training dummies to stave off the loneliness.

Sometimes he plays with his food. For shame.

He spends a surprising amount of time trolling lurking on LJ.

When Dumbo isn't enough, sometimes he pretends he's Santa.

Which goes hand-in-hand with his mission to give every Madridista a shirt for Christmas.

Man of Many Talents:

Along with being a famous athlete and managing his shirt charity, he also plays guitar in a little-known jazz group, the Ozilites.

And he doesn't play just one instrument.

When he's not moonlighting as a musician, occasionally he works as a food-tester for Nutella with some of his mates.

Or a professional test subject for salon trainees. (Rumor is he worked for the Peluquería Unisex GESSBRA after he arrived in Madrid.

And when the game just isn't thrilling enough, he'll even work as an official test subject for mad scientists. His brave smile hides his terror. Is his thumbs up a silent plea for help? We may never know.

And let's not even speak of his stint as a professional driver (on a closed course. Don't try this at home).

Or his brief career as an actor in independent Westerns.

After that, he worked for a while as a DJ on a radio station for teens, but was fired when he couldn't create enough controversy due to his politeness.

He also volunteers at the local animal shelter on his off time.

And occasionally he plays football

He's really quite talented.

Can you hear him now? Yes. Yes, we can.

Occasionally, he wins things. But he's always humble.

And he always knows where his loyalties lie.

Recently, Mesut dabbled in rap music, to which some attribute his controversial behavior on the pitch.

Mesut is unimpressed with their conjectures.

But some pictures have surfaced of him in rather lewd positions.

And he throws the occasional tantrum.

And swears.

But nothing was more shocking than his youthful rebellion against authority in a recent game.

Occasionally, he seems a bit stressed out.

But Oezil has methods to deal with the madness of the high-pressure life.

Sometimes he and Sami count down their breaths until the games start. It's more complicated than it sounds.

Sometimes he interacts with children to capture their innocent optimism. Or, possibly, he just likes rubbing short people's heads.

Sometimes he takes refuge in his faith

Whatever he does, it seems to work.

He's cool.

And he never forgets to applaud his fans.

Or pay honor to his club.
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